Our story

Farm-Cup-Lift.  We live a healthy lifestyle and we want to share with the world how specialty coffee and health can go hand in hand.  Fitness starts on the farm, then brew in the kitchen then off to the gym. Having grown up on an organic award winning coffee farm in South Kona on the Big Island of Hawaii we have a deep appreciation for what it takes to produce high quality specialty coffee (beans which are produced in special micro climates.)  We started our retail side by sharing fine Kona coffee with our friends at a local CrossFit gym.



Denet Lewis

Co-founder, Denet Lewis. Born on a homestead but raised on an organic coffee farm, "doing a farmer's walk meant helping my dad carry a few buckets of chicken manure over to the compost." I remember seeing my dad's extreme dedication he put into his farm. His dedication paid off when we won the Kona coffee cupping contest. For years I wanted nothing to do with farming, I became an Engineer and worked in high tech only to realize there's a huge gap in agriculture. We live in a society where food is produced in huge amount of quantity, hence, we sacrifice quality. Having developed a passion for fitness over the years, I quickly realized the direct link of healthy plants leads to health benefits for the consumers. Therefore, it has been my mission to educate the consumers on the health benefits of specialty beverages.



Felicia Lee

Co-founder, Felicia Lee. Raised on Oahu, Felicia went on to work in Silicon Valley. After experiencing neck and back pains from sitting 8+ hours a day she realized she needs to incorporate exercise into her life. She started off with casual running which later led her to complete 15+ half marathons and 2 full marathons in a span of 4 years. Due to knee and ankle issues she was force to look for an alternative exercise. That's when she discovered CrossFit in 2011. As an active CrossFit athlete, she saw the results on herself and became passionate in helping others live a healthy lifestyle. When asked by others her words to live by are "Fitness is a lifestyle not just a workout; you need to always be thinking about what you put into your body." When she's not training, Felicia frequents the local farmer's markets for seasonal produces then spends countless hours in the kitchen experimenting with food.